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Friendsday pants β™»οΈπŸ’—πŸ‘–Softfab demo (WIP)

Made a shirt yesterday.

FO shirt

(green one was FORZA 🇩🇰)

Thinking about how to share a pattern like this as (generative fit) svg paths.

@mcanet @bitcraftlab @knitic @OpenKnit network as fashion label with open-source designs and formats. generative patterns to print cut sew.

The 3D weaver is a loom specially designed for weaving in three dimensions. The Honeycomb weave is based on a simple hexagonal structure and can withstand impacts greater than 300g. The 0~90 degree pattern has a comfortable compressive quality and holds similar properties to soft injection foams found in shoe soles.
@hpdang what's the state of the art with open-source formats for sharing sewing patterns? would be fun to make a network-as-fashion label.

Lets build our own personalized open textile production line: Talk at the 31c3, 2014 Hamburg

The talk is about our project to develop software and hardware tools for a fair and environment friendly garment and textile production and how we break down the locks that exists on every level in the industry from design, to software, machines and distribution. Original here: media.ccc.de/browse/congress/2014/31c3_-_6447_-_en_-_saal_6_-_201412271400_-_let_s_build_our_own_personalized_open_textile_production_line_-_hong_phuc_dang.html#download
Bring to life the information and stories behind your business and products. Track unique batches of products with verified claims from origin to consumer.
This startup hired NYC grandmothers to knit hipster scarves and hats t.co/0LWdr1dwBb

Fast-fashion downer reading…

In less than 20 years, the volume of clothing Americans toss each year has doubled from 7 million to 14 million tons, or an astounding 80 pounds per person. The EPA estimates that diverting all of those often-toxic trashed textiles into a recycling program would be the environmental equivalent of taking 7.3 million cars and their carbon dioxide emissions off the road.

No one wants your old clothes

Visitors who stepped into fashion retailer H&M's showroom in New York City on April 4 were confronted by a pile of cast-off clothing reaching to the ceiling. A T.S. Eliot quote stenciled on the wall ("In my end is my beginning") gave the showroom the air of an art gallery or museum.

speaking of heat set textiles. Tiffany Loy's DIY fabric embossing machines are pretty cool t.co/KBYoMYdlWs
This is Stuxnet * See it IRL at Yami-Ichi Tokyo Oct.16 & NYC Nov.6 * #glitchaus #textiles #digital #knitwear #dataknit #malwear πŸ’»πŸž

"Languages for 3D Industrial Knitting" by Lea Albaugh

Industrial computer-controlled knitting machines are churning out seamless three-dimensional fabric objects as you read this -- think gloves, sweaters, sportswear, furnishings, architectural fabrics, and plushies. But right now the programming languages for these machines are terrible. With a knitting machine, complex structures are formed with a very limited set of low-level machine operations.